Follow Up

Once a patient has completed their skin cancer treatment they will continue on an outpatient review programme.

The main reason for this is to make sure that the skin cancer has not come back or spread elsewhere and to provide the patient with support and information. At these appointments, the patient will be seen by a member of the skin cancer multidisciplinary team.

Review appointments or appointments with the patient's GP are also a good opportunity to discuss any worries or problems.

In general patients who have already had a skin a cancer are at a greater risk of developing another skin cancer. They are also more at risk of developing a recurrence at the site where the tumour was before. Therefore it is important to check the skin for changes once a month.

For more information on the signs and symptoms a patient should look out for and a for quick guide to self-examination of your skin, please follow this link.

If any new symptoms are noticed, or if there are any worries between outpatient visits the patient should discuss these with their GP who will arrange for an earlier appointment if necessary.