Follow Up

Following cancer treatment, the patient will be asked to return to the hospital to see one of our specialists within the either the Orthopaedics Team, Oncology Team or Plastics Team. The frequency of these review appointments will differ for each patient. The review appointments allow the team to assess your progress following treatment. The check-ups are also a good opportunity for the patient to discuss with their doctor any problems or worries they may have.

The location where the patient has their follow up appointments will depend upon where they have their cancer treatment. If they have radiotherapy then they may have their follow up in the Cancer Centre. If they have surgery, they may have their follow up appointments in the Royal Victoria Hospital or Musgrave Park Hospital by an orthopaedic surgeon or plastic surgeon. 

If a patient notices any new symptoms, or has any worries, they should contact their consultant, surgeon or oncologist or their local GP to discuss the symptoms as they may need additional treatment or rehabilitation services such as a dietician or physiotherapy services.