Symptom Control


Oesophageal Cancer

Relieving Difficulty in Swallowing

If patients have a difficulty swallowing their doctor may suggest treatment to help relieve this.  This may include some chemotherapy or short course of radiotherapy.   There are a number of other treatments a patient could be offered to relieve a blockage in the gullet or stomach or to improve symptoms.  However these procedures won’t cure the cancer. 


A wire mesh tube (stent) is inserted into the oesophagus using endoscopy guidance. The stent helps to keep the oesophagus or stomach open which should help the patient eat more comfortably. For more information on stents, please follow this link


Laser Treatment

This is usually used for treatment of oesophageal cancer and involves the use of a powerful beam to identify and remove the cancer tumour that has been causing the obstruction.

This procedure is usually completed with general anaesthetic and involves an endoscopy. This treatment removes enough of the cancerous tumour to allow food to pass down the oesophagus and may need to be repeated several times for swallowing to return to normal. For more information on laser treatments follow this

Follow the link for more information on relieving difficulty swallowing