Multi-disciplinary team

The Oesophago-gastric Cancer Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of a well established group of experts with a specialist interest in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer of the oesophagus (gullet) and/or the gastric (stomach). 

The results of the tests are discussed at the Oesophago-gastric Cancer MDT meeting which takes place every Friday morning in the Belfast City Hospital. Detailed discussions between all the relevant specialists take place, looking at all the available results for patients to ensure that the best treatment plan is agreed. A record of this discussion will be sent to the patient's GP.

All tests are usually completed within four weeks from when the cancer was first suspected. Once a decision has been made at the MDT and this has been discussed with the patient, they will receive an appointment to see a specialist from the Oesophago-gastric team to discuss further treatment.

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