Follow Up

After treatment is completed, patients will have regular check-ups. These are very important for the surgeon or oncologist to monitor patient progress.

Patients may have x-rays from time to time but the most important part of thier follow-up will be the specialist’s examination of their lungs.

If patients have any problems or notice any new symptoms in between review appointments, they should let their GP or specialist nurse know as soon as possible and they can arrange a more urgent review.

It is important to have a nutritious and well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, even if appetite and interest in food has been reduced. A dietitian will be able to advise patients on ways to eat well and can help with any problems they may have. If patients are being treated with chemotherapy, it is important they do not take vitamin supplements without discussing this with thier oncologist in case this interferes with the efficacy of their chemotherapy.

For advice on giving up smoking, please follow this link.