Symptom Control

Support Services

Recovery is different for everyone and it depends on the type of treatment patients have had. It will usually take some time to recover from treatment. There may be physical changes in the way patients look, and possibly changes in some of the essential activities of daily life such as speech or eating. There will also be emotional changes to deal with so it’s important that patients give themselves time to adjust.

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust provides support services to help patients in all the aspects of their life that are affected by cancer. For more information on these support services, please follow this link.

The Trust also operates Support and Information Centres where you can get help. For more information, please follow this link.


If you are a smoker, it is important to try to give up. Smoking is the main cause of head and neck cancers and continuing to smoke puts you at greater risk of developing a second cancer. It may also significantly reduce the effectiveness of your current treatment, worsen the side effects and increase the risk of your cancer coming back. Giving up smoking can be very difficult, especially at times of stress.

For help to stop smoking, please follow this link.