Follow Up

The Neuro-Oncology Service will organise follow up reviews for patients following their diagnosis and initial treatment. These are very important ways for surgeons and oncologists to monitor patient progress.

Consultants will check patient progress and if required they will refer patients for further investigations or rediscussion of a patient's case at MDT. If patients have any problems or notice any new symptoms in between review appointments, they should make their GP, local Macmillan or Hospice nurse or the Neuro- Surgery/Oncology Consultant aware of this. They could also contact the Neuro-Oncology Specialist  Nurse as soon as possible.

Oncology Emergency Helpline

Patients on chemotherapy who experience symptoms may also contact the Oncology Emergency helpline

Patients should ensure they are aware of their follow up and review plan following clinic consultation. Patients who have any queries should contact the Neuro-Oncology Specialist Nurse.

Should patients require additional support or referral to local community services, a patient's GP and disctrict nurse can organise this. However, if they have any queries they should contact the Neuro-Oncology Specialist Nurse.