Neuro-Oncology (Brain Tumours)

Every year approximately 5,000 people in the United Kingdom are diagnosed as having a primary brain tumour. Anyone can be affected by brain tumours. Some children are born with tumours and tumours can occur at any age throughout life.

Benign brain tumours stay in the part of the brain where they started and don't spread into other areas of the brain.

Primary brain tumours are tumours that start in the brain and have not spread from somewhere else in the body.  Malignant primary brain tumours are most likely to cause problems by spreading into the normal brain tissue around them and causing pressure and damage to the surrounding areas of the brain.

A secondary brain tumour is a tumour caused by cancer cells from a cancer eslewhere in the body spreading to the brain.

Patients diagnosed with a brain tumour will be able to discuss the type of tumour they have with their consultant.

Please note that this section details services provided to adult patients of Belfast Trust. Please follow the link for information on Children's Cancers.