Bowel Cancer can develop in one of two areas of the digestive system: 

  • The large bowel (colon)
  • The back passage (rectum)

These cancers are known as colorectal cancers.

The cancer grows from a polyp in the bowel. Many polyps are benign, however if left untreated they could develop into a cancerous tumour. The removal of polyps can prevent the growth of cancerous tumours in the bowel.

It is important that if a patient experiences symptoms of bowel cancer they should always see their GP. For more information on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, please follow this link.

The walls of the colon and rectum are made up of layers of body tissue. Most colon and rectal cancers start in the innermost lining of the bowel and develop from small growths called polyps. The formation of the lower intestinal tract has been shown below.



Source:Macmillan Cancer Support (2011)

 The Multi-Discplinary Team would also diagnose and treat rarer cancers such as:

  • Anal (click on link for more information)
  • Small Bowel (click on link for more information)