Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is a relatively rare cancer. It is treated by the urology cancer multi-disciplinary team in the Belfast Trust. Please follow the links below for more information:



Penile cancer is known as carcinoma of the penis though there are varying degrees of severity. Like many cancers, penile cancer is 'graded' to determine its severity. There are several grades and these determine what the next steps are in treating penile cancer. Please follow the link for more information on the grading of penile cancers.


There are several surgical procedures used to treat penile cancer:

  • Wide local excision - This procedure aims to remove the tumour and some of the healthy tissue surrounding the tumour.
  • Microsurgery - This surgery is performed with a microscope. It aims to remove the tumor and as little of the surrounding healthy tissue as possible.
  • Laser surgery - This procedure involves the use of a laser light which burns or cut aways cancerous cells
  • Circumcision - This procedure is used to remove a cancerous foreskin.
  • Penectomy - A penectomy is the total removal of the penis. Lymph nodes may also be removed if the cancer has spread.

Penile cancer may also be treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Please follow the link for more information on the treatments used to treat penile cancer.

Useful Links

Below are links to useful web resources on penile cancer and charities who raise awareness of urological cancers as a whole: