For information on Outpatients, please refer to the letter sent to you regarding your appointment.

Outpatient appointments take place in different Outpatient Departments in the hospitals which form the Belfast Trust. When you arrive, please report to the outpatient reception desk. After registering, you can take a seat in the waiting area. Before you see the doctor, you might need to have blood tests or X-rays. If so, we will let you know where to go.

Remembering important information

Your visit to the clinic is a good time to discuss things with your doctor. It can be hard to remember all the questions you want to ask and all the information the doctor gives you, but there are some things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

  • Write down and prioritise the questions you want to ask and make a note of the answers.
  • Consider bringing a relative or friend to help you remember the conversation later.
  • Request written information where it is available and repeat back what you think you’ve heard to check that the information is correct.
  • If you haven’t understood what has been said, please don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or clinic nurse again.

After your examination

After your examination, the doctor or clinic nurse will always be willing to answer any questions. Please ask if you haven’t understood what has been said.

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