How to find us

Radiotherapy is given in the Radiotherapy Department on the ground floor of the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, on Belfast City Hospital site. 

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Getting to and from the hospital

Where possible you will be expected to provide your own transport to and from the hospital.
An ambulance can sometimes be provided if you have no transport. Please contact your family doctor to arrange this for your radiotherapy planning appointment (first attendance). Thereafter the transport can be arranged by staff within the radiotherapy department. This will be arranged for either morning or afternoon, dependent on your appointment time. If you need transport thereafter please let us know as soon as possible. Further information will be given as needed.

Most people are treated as outpatients. You will be treated as an outpatient if you live within travelling distance and your doctor thinks you are well enough to travel each day. Please be aware, due to limited capacity, it may not be possible for us to facilitate your radiotherapy treatment appointments around other commitments you may have. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and really appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

If you have a long distance to travel for treatment, there is a bed and breakfast facility [open Monday to Friday] for people who are self-caring. It is called Glenview and there is an assessment criteria for patients wishing to stay there. Each of the standard rooms are twin bedded to enable a relative [self-caring and aged 18 years plus] to stay, if desired. There is a charge for relatives using these facilities but there is no charge for patients.
Sometimes people are admitted to the ward for part or all of their treatment. If this is necessary your treatment team will discuss it with you. There are four wards where the nurses are expert in any specialised care that you may need.

The Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital has ‘open visiting’ on all wards, except Ward 2A, as long as it does not interfere with clinical activities, mealtimes, or with your wishes. Visiting within Ward 2A is restricted to 1-9pm.

Routes to Belfast City Hospital

  • Transport

There are excellent public transport links to and from the Belfast City Hospital. Metro bus routes 9A and 9B pass the Lisburn Road entrance on a regular basis while route 92A bus takes you to the Donegall Road entrance.

If you live outside the Belfast area, the simplest way to travel to the Cancer Centre may be by rail. The hospital is unique in having its own railway station where some 50 trains pass each day on the lines to Antrim, Bangor, L’Derry, Larne, Newry, Portadown and Portrush.

  • Parking

If you are attending as an outpatient for radiotherapy and travel by car, you are entitled to free on-site car parking. You will be issued with a single ticket when you attend for your radiotherapy planning appointment and a weekly ticket thereafter for the duration of your radiotherapy treatment. 

Please remember to ask for your free car parking ticket. 

• It is very important that you use the weekly ticket every day to enter the car park otherwise you will not be able to get out, apart from the first day of attendance or on a Monday.
• During your radiotherapy treatment each ticket is valid for one week only.
• If you encounter a problem exiting the car park please press the button for assistance.

  •  Parking is available:

• Radiotherapy car park
 This is accessed via the Lisburn Road (almost opposite to Claremont Street)

• Car park No.1 opposite the Cancer Centre at the front of the Tower
 The lower level is for disabled parking only

• Car park No. 2 in front of the Blood Transfusion Building, towards the Donegall Road exit.